Pregnancy is the most beautiful time of women’s life, but some have a lot of mood swings and some don’t at all. All those women who are experiencing mood swings during pregnancy, yoga is the way to balance it. In this way yoga is very beneficial for the pregnant women. It not only helps us in keeping us physically and mentally fit, it also prepares your body for the labor. Yoga has several benefits during pregnancy. It helps in harmonizing the physical as well as mental peace. During pregnancy, one should be relaxed and free from stress. Yoga during pregnancy involves breathing and gentle stretching. It is not only beneficial for the expecting mom but also to the baby. It also helps in maintaining weight during postpartum period.

Is It Safe to Practice Yoga during Pregnancy?

Yes, it is completely safe, but u should be very careful while doing yoga poses. There are many poses in yoga but all poses cannot be performed by pregnant women. Yoga should be practiced under the guidance of yoga instructor or gynecologists

Yoga Poses to Avoid during Pregnancy

Movements and Exercises can keep us healthy during pregnancy. But there are some safety measures to be taken during this time. Pregnant women should avoid such poses that put pressure on the abdomen and do not hold poses for long. They should also not practice such poses which involves deep twist and stretching. They should avoid lying flat on the back. Avoid doing yoga in hot and humid conditions.

What Is Prenatal Yoga?

Prenatal yoga is a type of yoga which is especially designed for pregnant women and is beneficial for both mother and baby. Prenatal yoga is all about breathing, gentle stretching, postures and relaxation. It helps in balancing emotional and physical state of mind. It also helps in creating peaceful atmosphere, which is very important for pregnant women. Prenatal yoga can be practiced during all the three trimester. Prenatal yoga is all about preparing you for the delivery. If You Are Expecting Then You Should Join Prenatal Yoga Classes for the guidance.

Benefits of Yoga during Pregnancy

  1. It helps in reducing stress and anxiety
  2. It helps in improving blood flow in the body
  3. It helps in preparing you for the labor
  4. It helps in improving sleep
  5. It helps in decreasing lower back pain, nausea, headache and shortness of breath.

Yoga during Each Trimester

  • The first trimester. We should avoid such poses in the first trimester which are hard to perfume. Because during the first trimester u may feel fatigue and sick.
  •  The second trimester. At this stage, you should avoid deep twist and belly poses.
  • The third trimester. During this time, you should focus on restorative and hip-opening poses. Light stretching will help relieve your aches and pains and you should completely avoid lying on your back.

If you feel discomfort with any movement and posture, then slowly come back to your normal position.